Relay Timers and Flashers are directly connected, meaning Relay Timer 1 is directly connected to Flasher 1.  Similarly, Timer 2 is connected to Flasher 2.  This makes it possible to flash a relay for a period of time using a pair of commands.  The following commands demonstrate Flash Timer features working together.

Start by turning on Flasher 1:

CK = Checksum (00-FF)
AA04FE2D0101DBStep 1: Turn On Flasher 1AA015500

Next, Activate Timer 1:

CK = Checksum (00-FF)
AA06FE323200000A1CActivate Timer 1AA015500

When the timer expires, the relay flasher will be canceled.  Note that all 16 timers are connected to all 16 flashers in this same way.