Flashing a Relays is the process of turning a relay on and off in the background while the controller processes other tasks.  Users are free to handle other relay control operations while relays are flashing.  Relay flashers make it easy to handle turn signal, road sign, and warning light applications with minimal integration time.  There are 16 Relay Flashers, allowing 16 relays to flash simultaneously.  Relay Flashers allow you to set the flash speed (S), which is applied to all Flashers (it is not possible to have each relay operating at a different flash rate).

Individual Flashers (F) may be turned On or Off (O) using the commands shown below.

F = Flasher (0 = All Flashers)
S = Speed of Flash (00-FF)
CK = Checksum (00-FF)

AA04FE2D0000D9Sets All Flashers to Fastest SpeedAA015500
AA04FE2D00320BSets All Flashers to Slow SpeedAA015500
AA04FE2D008059Sets All Flashers to Very Slow SpeedAA015500
AA04FE2D00FFD8Sets All Flashers to Slowest SpeedAA015500

F = Flasher (0 = All Flashers)
O = 0 = Off / 1 = On
CK = Checksum (00-FF)
AA04FE2D0100DATurn Off Flasher 1AA015500
AA04FE2D0101DBTurn On Flasher 1AA015500
AA04FE2D0200DBTurn Off Flasher 2AA015500
AA04FE2D0201DCTurn On Flasher 2AA015500
AA04FE2D0300DCTurn Off Flasher 3AA015500
AA04FE2D0301DDTurn On Flasher 3AA015500
AA04FE2D0400DDTurn Off Flasher 4AA015500
AA04FE2D0401DETurn On Flasher 4AA015500
AA04FE2D0500DETurn Off Flasher 5AA015500
AA04FE2D0501DFTurn On Flasher 5AA015500
AA04FE2D0600DFTurn Off Flasher 6AA015500
AA04FE2D0601E0Turn On Flasher 6AA015500
AA04FE2D0700E0Turn Off Flasher 7AA015500
AA04FE2D0701E1Turn On Flasher 7AA015500
AA04FE2D0800E1Turn Off Flasher 8AA015500
AA04FE2D0801E2Turn On Flasher 8AA015500
AA04FE2D0900E2Turn Off Flasher 9AA015500
AA04FE2D0901E3Turn On Flasher 9AA015500
AA04FE2D0A00E3Turn Off Flasher 10AA015500
AA04FE2D0A01E4Turn On Flasher 10AA015500
AA04FE2D0B00E4Turn Off Flasher 11AA015500
AA04FE2D0B01E5Turn On Flasher 11AA015500
AA04FE2D0C00E5Turn Off Flasher 12AA015500
AA04FE2D0C01E6Turn On Flasher 12AA015500
AA04FE2D0D00E6Turn On Flasher 13AA015500
AA04FE2D0D01E7Turn Of Flasher 13AA015500
AA04FE2D0E00E7Turn On Flasher 14AA015500
AA04FE2D0E01E8Turn Off Flasher 14AA015500
AA04FE2D0F00E8Turn On Flasher 15AA015500
AA04FE2D0F01E9Turn Off Flasher 15AA015500
AA04FE2D1000E9Turn On Flasher 16AA015500
AA04FE2D1001EATurn Off Flasher 16AA015500