ProXR Controllers have two modes of operation: Configuration and Run
Run Mode is for daily use.  Your controller should remain in Run Mode most of the time, as this will prevent writing to the internal EEPROM memory, which could accidentally change important settings that could result in a complete loss of communications.
Configuration Mode unlocks important sections of memory, allowing settings to be altered.
There are two ways to change modes on ProXR series controllers: Software and Hardware
Changing modes in hardware is very easy, simply move the PGM/RUN jumper to the desired setting.
Changing modes in software requires you to send a few commands, along with a duration (D) of time (in seconds), indicating how long you would like the controller to remain in configuration mode.  You may set the duration (D) to 0 if you would like to cancel the timer and return to Run mode.

CK = Checksum (00-FF)
D = Duration
AA05FE218C563CECConfiguration Mode for 60 SecondsAA015601
AA05FE218C56FFAFConfiguration Mode for 255 SecondsAA015601
AA05FE218C5600B0Cancel Configuration ModeAA015500
Hint: Should you ever loose communication with your controller, remove power, move the Jumper to Program Mode, power up the controller again.  Your ProXR controller will return to safe settings so you may recover your settings using our Base Station software.