CK = Checksum (00-FF)
AA02FE9E48Read ADC Input 1AA0203FFAE
AA02FE9F49Read ADC Input 2AA0203FFAE
AA02FEA04ARead ADC Input 3AA0203FFAE
AA02FEA14BRead ADC Input 4AA0203FFAE
AA02FEA24CRead ADC Input 5AA0203FFAE
AA02FEA34DRead ADC Input 6AA0203FFAE
AA02FEA44ERead ADC Input 7AA0203FFAE
AA02FEA54FRead ADC Input 8AA0203FFAE

The following command will return 16 bytes of data.  Data is arranged in numeric order (C1-C8) from channel 1 to channel 8.  Each channel is represented as a 10-Bit value (MSB and LSB).  The Checksum is represented in the CK column.

CK = Checksum (00-FF)
AA02FEA750Read All 8-ChannelsAA1003FFBytes 3/4 AD1
03FFBytes 5/6 AD2
03FFBytes 7/8 AD3
03FFBytes 9/10 AD4
03FFBytes 11/12 AD5
03FFBytes 13/14 AD6
03FFBytes 15/16 AD7
03FFBytes 17/18 AD8
CAByte 19 Checksum
Converting MSB and LSB into an Integer:
The tables above demonstrate how 10-Bit data is communicated using 8-Bit values.  To convert the 8-Bit values into a usable integer, follow this simple formula:
Analog Value = (MSB x 256)  + LSB
Analog Value = (3 x 256) + 255
Analog Value = 1023