Current Monitor Sensor – Testing your Circuit Breaker

Current Monitoring

NCD’s 3 Channel Industrial IoT Wireless AC Current Monitor Sensor works together with three split core current sensors for optimum data transmission. There are various applications to be used with NCD’s Current Monitor (which we’ll list), and today we’ll be focusing on breaker panels and how the Current Monitor is useful to your home or facility. Shop our 3 Channel Industrial IoT Wireless AC Current Monitor Sensor here! 

NCD’s Current Monitor Sensor also adheres to cost effective and reactive/predictive maintenance to serve your needs. This sensor can be used for energy efficiency optimization, machine monitoring and productivity analysis, as well as accuracy. 

NCD’s Current Monitoring Sensor also wireless and long-range capabilities, up to a 2-mile range. The supreme integrated technology minimizes complexities in the installation process and provides a straightforward solution to cloud infrastructure. 


Current Monitor

What's Average?

For the average household, the  normal amps for a circuit breaker runs about 15-20 amps at any given time. For an industrial setting with high voltage circuit breakers the amps may run 600-5000 based on the needs of the facility. Observing levels of consumption allows us to conserve costs on electricity. NCD’s Current Monitoring system allows homes and facilities to observe these levels and maintain cost levels. 

How to view data for the Current Monitor

Current Monitor

NCD’s Cloud Agnostic program allows users to measure all data in whatever capacity they see fit. Our wireless Current Monitors allow users to view data in real-time and make decisions on cost effective processes within their home or facilities. 

Installing NCD’s sensors with our cloud system allows you to receive real-time data and measurements, allowing cost-effective analysis at your fingertips. 

Because NCD is Cloud Agnostic, there are no monthly fees. With its seamless integration, scalability, and cost effectiveness, the Current Sensor is a must-have tool for manufactures looking to enhance productivity, and ensure uninterrupted operations.