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ProXR Quick Start Guide

ProXR is a standard set of relay control commands that allow users to control relays by sending bytes of data.

endNode Command Set – USB Wireless I2C Port

ApplicationsLimitless ExpansionIntegrated SimplicityHigh-Level CommandsLow-Level CommandsProXR EnterpriseFRAM IntegrationMacrosAlpha StationEssential Getting Started TipsSending Your First CommandTest 2-Way CommunicationsUsing the API CalculatorI2C Command

MXNET Quick Start Guide

IntroductionWho Is Qualified to Use the MirX Series?How do the MirX Series Controllers Work?Order of OperationsLearning CycleUsage CycleGetting StartedNOTICE:Hardware ReferencePower

LabVIEW Relay Timer Operation

LabVIEW Relay Timer Operation In This Guide we will learn how to setup LabVIEW Relay Timer Operation, Pulse activated relay