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Alpha Station – Sensor and Control Software for Windows using Visual Studio

Introduction to Alpha StationWhere to Download Alpha StationSystem RequirementsSource Code for Alpha StationWireless SensorsSensor Summary ListViewing Sensor DataWireless Sensor ConfigurationWireless Sensor Configuration SettingsRecovering Lost SensorsProXR Enterprisehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpAJX1itsm0 Introduction to Alpha Station Alpha Station is Windows Application used to communicate and configure the vast majority of NCD devices offered within the “Enterprise Solutions” category of our web site at ncd.io.  Alpha Station is the successor to Base Station, which is used to test and configure older NCD devices.  Base Station is now finalized, and no further changes or enhancements will be made.  All future work will be focused on Alpha Station.  Base

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Industrial wireless sensors

Long Range IoT Wireless Sensor FAQ

Wireless Sensor FAQ General Frequently asked questions How do I know if this Wireless sensor is working if there is no power light on it? We didn’t add a power led to save power, you can hit the reset button on the sensor and it will send two data packets. First data packet will indicate that the sensor is in run mode and the second data packet will contain all the sensor info, device info and sensor readings. You can find more about this in the product manual. What is the Zigmo/Wireless Router and why do I need it? Zigmo

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