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Deprecated Technologies

Like all technologies, some become deprecated over time as newer, better replacements emerge.  This page will allow you to download resources for older deprecated technologies, explain why they were deprecated, and suggest modern equivalents that may be suitable for your application.  Note that some deprecated technologies are NOT out of production.  Please see Deprecated Content at the bottom of the list.  The Deprecated Content category will contain content for active products that will likely remain in production indefinitely due to their popularity.  Though the original designs will not be improved, the original content will remain available in downloadable PDF files.  All future products

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Fusion & ProXR UXP Port Pinout

The following illustration shows the UXP port on both the main controller and the expansion device as seen from the edge of the circuit board.  The UXP port is used to carry Analog or Digital Input/Output signals across a ribbon cable 6 inches in length.  The -7VDC shown in this illustration is no-longer valid, as this pin was originally used on the Ultra series controllers, a limited production predecessor to Fusion and ProXR UXP controllers.  Each I/O is limited to 0-5VDC.  Analog inputs are limited to 8 or 10-bit resolution (software selectable).  Exceeding this voltage range will damage the CPU

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