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Introduction to Computer Controlled Relays and Switching

Introduction If you are new to the idea of a computer controlled relay, then this introduction to switching and relay controllers will teach you all you need to know! A relay is best defined as a switch that is operated by an electromagnet.  A relay controller is a device that is used to control a bank of switches.  A relay controller works by turning on and off magnetic coils under logic control.  A computer controlled relay driver allows your computer to send simple commands to activate a switch or a group of switches. Relays are ideally suited for controlling everything

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Relay Logic

Relay Logic is all about wiring up Relays for Logical Switching applications.  This page demonstrates several simple ways to wire a relay for various applications.  Relay Logic provides you with a guide for using NCD relay controllers, and how they can be wired for many types of applications.  Use Relay Logic to control the forward or reverse direction of motors.  Use Relay Logic to control lights using relays in standard applications as well as 3-way switching application.  Our relay logic guide helps demonstrate the best ways to connect NCD relay controllers in real-world control applications. The COM (Common) connection of

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