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Mechanical Relay Types

General Purpose SPDT Relays The SPDT relays we use in our devices are designed for an exceptionally long life, with over 10,000,000 operational cycles when used within electrical specifications.  We use Panasonic NAIS for our 5-Amp controllers and Omron for our 10-Amp controllers.  We have a 20-year track-record with these relays, and we are confident they can be used in most switching applications with excellent reliability.  General Purpose relays are not ideally suited for low-power switching applications, so please be sure to choose a signal relay when working with low power signals, such as audio, video, or telecommunications. Relay: 5A

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Controlling Inductive Devices: Managing Induction & Electromagnetic Interference

Induction Suppression Capacitors Capacitors at a Glance Required for Handling Inductive Loads Motors Solenoids Transformers Capacitor Absorbs the High Voltages Increase Lifespan of Relay Stops Interference of Microprocessor Logic Easy to Install Use with AC or DC Applications Not Required with Resistive Loads Managing Electromagnetic Interference Control Inductive Loads with a Induction Suppression Capacitor Capacitor Absorbs the High Voltages Generated by Inductive Loads A Capacitor Improves the Lifespan of the Relay and Reliability of the Board Handling Inductive Loads Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of relay control is proper handling of inductive loads. Inductive loads can best be defined as

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