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NCD Component Library Quick Start Guide

Introduction The NCD Component Library makes it easy to integrate ProXR controllers into Microsoft Visual Studio.  The NCD Component Library is a complete command set that eliminates most of the detailed programming, allowing you to take control of ProXR controllers using high-level functions. With the NCD Component Library, you will receive over 40 samples from A/D Conversion to Duration and Pulse Timing and best of all, it’s FREE!!  We want the user to be able to experiment with all the different samples available, so as of right now the samples cannot be downloaded individually. Quick Summary of NCD Component Library

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Introduction to Serial Communications

Introduction to Serial Communications (RS-232) So, you might think serial communications is dead.  A serial port is nowhere to be found on most of today’s motherboards.  After all, you can’t even buy a printer or a modem that works from the serial port of your computer anymore.  Webcams and Hard Drives are best connected through the USB port of a computer, and there’s no need for a serial port.  Its just too slow, too old, and too obsolete….and that is exactly the idea that has to be reconsidered. Sure, Webcams and Hard Drives are best suited for a USB port, and

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