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Arduino Nano Quick Start Guide

Arduino Nano is one of the most used Arduino devices. It’s small form factor comes with a USB, UART, I2C and SPI interface. In this Quick Start Guide, we will show you how you can use Arduino Nano directly with NCD products. There are two ways to connect Arduino with NCD product line. 1. Using Arduino Nano I2C shield You can find the Arduino shield here. This I2C shield lets you plug in your Arduino, providing a I2C out port.  Using the I2C out port, you can connect hundreds NCD devices in seconds.  This adapter board also has on board

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Arduino Micro Quick Start Guide

Arduino Micro is the another Arduino board which is directly supported by NCD. Most of the NCD devices works directly with it. NCD supports over 40+ relay shields, PWM drivers, sensors, current monitoring, voltage monitoring and much more. All of these devices are plug and play so you can use these board with Arduino micro just plugging one cable. Mainly NCD provides 2 shields which will let you connect your Arduino with all the NCD devices. Using Arduino Micro I2C Shield This I2C Shield comes with 3 row header pins, so you can plug your Arduino micro in it and still can access all

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