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AD1216 Analog to Digital Converter Quick Start Guide

AD1216 Analog to Digital Conversion Command Set WARNING: A/D Inputs can accept a voltage from 0 to 5VDC. You should NEVER exceed this voltage range. Negative voltages will damage the A/D inputs. Power the controller BEFORE applying voltages to these inputs. Applying voltages to these inputs while the controller is powered down may result in permanent damage to the CPU. USB ProXR Control with Analog to Digital Conversion 16-Channel USB 16-Channel 8-Bit/12-Bit Analog to Digital Converter + XR Expansion Port Product Code: ZAD1216ProXR_USB NOTE: All Inputs Labeled “A” are GROUND Inputs. All Inputs Labeled “B” are 0-5VDC Analog Inputs. NEVER

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