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IoT Arduino wireless temperature Humidity sensor

///this code is written and tested for wireless temperature humidity sensor with arduino due ///sensor data structure can be found here /// sesnro can be found here int8_t data[29]; int ledpin=13; int chk=1; int k = 10; int i; void setup() { Serial1.begin(9600); Serial.begin(9600); Serial.println(" IoT Arduino wireless temperature Humidity sensor"); } void loop() { if (Serial1.available()) { data[0] =; delay(k); if(data[0]==0x7E) { while (!Serial1.available()); for ( i = 1; i< 29; i++) { data[i] =; delay(1); } if(data[15]==0x7F) /////// to check if the recive data is correct { if(data[22]==1) //////// make sure the sensor

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