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arduino code for gyro, Acc, MAgnet

#include #include LSM9DS0 lsm; void setup(void) { Serial.begin(9600); // The address can be changed making the option of connecting multiple devices lsm.getAddrG_LSM9DS0(LSM9DS0_DEFAULT_ADDRESS_GYRO); // 0x6A // lsm.getAddrG_LSM9DS0(LSM9DS0_ADDRESS_GYRO_UPDATED); // 0x6B lsm.getAddrXM_LSM9DS0(LSM9DS0_DEFAULT_ADDRESS_ACCELMAG); // 0x1E // lsm.getAddrXM_LSM9DS0(LSM9DS0_ADDRESS_ACCELMAG_UPDATED); // 0x1D // The Gyroscope’s Output Data Rate and Bandwidth Selection and Full-Scale Selection, // Acceleration Data Rate Selection and Acceleration Full-Scale Selection, // Magnetic Data Rate Selection and Magnetic Full-Scale Selection // can be changed via the following functions /* // Also some more parameters can be changed using the following functions // Gyroscope: // Power-Down Mode Enable, Gyroscope X, Y, Z Axes Enable, // Block

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