Snippet Tag: 420mA current loop

Arduino 4-20mA Current Loop

/**************************************************************************/ /* This code can be used to read 4-20mA signal using ncd 4-20mA current loop board and arduino. this 4-20mA current loop board comes with 1,2,3,4 channels and 16 bit resolution Distributed with a free-will license. Use it any way you want, profit or free, provided it fits in the licenses of its associated works. ADS1115 This code is designed to work with the ADS1115_I2CADC I2C Mini Module available from */ /**************************************************************************/ #include <Wire.h> #include <ADS1115.h> ADS1115 ads; void setup(void) { Serial.begin(9600); // The address can be changed making the option of connecting multiple devices ads.getAddr_ADS1115(ADS1115_DEFAULT_ADDRESS); //

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