Product Reference: 374312

RS-485 to Wireless Converter Modem Guide

Introduction RS485 to WirelessGetting to Know NCD RS-485 Node ModulesRS-485 Node Module Hardware DescriptionRS-485 Node Jumpers1, 2, 3 Jumpers: RS-485 Bus TerminationBR JumperC  Jumper: Configuration ModeChanging Baud RatesChange the USART Baud RateChange the RS-485 Baud RateFactory Reset ProcedureStandard Version Communications ProtocolAutoEncoder Version Communications ProtocolRead Network ID – AutoEncoderWrite Network ID – AutoEncoderSet Node ID – AutoEncoderRead Node ID – AutoEncoderSet Destination Address – AutoEncoderRead Destination Address – AutoEncoderRS-485 Serial Settings – AutoEncoderCommand Errors – AutoEncoderEmulator Version Communications ProtocolRead Network ID – EmulatorWrite Network ID – EmulatorSet Node ID – EmulatorRead Node ID – EmulatorSet Destination Address – EmulatorRead Destination Address

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