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Two-Way Remote Control

MirX Contact Closure Transmitter/Receiver

Do you have a light, pump, or motor that you need to control from a switch in a remote location? What if you could control the light in your barn a mile away from your house? Or activate the security lights in your office in California from your apartment in New York?                                                                   Then MirC controllers are the solution for you! MirC controllers are provided as a permanently married pair of controllers, a transmitter and a receiver. Wire your own button or switch, push the button, and the receiver in the remote location will activate the relay.

Relentless Communications

MirC controllers relentlessly attempt to stay in communication with each other. Get them out of range and they go into over-drive using 2-way communications to find the remote device. MirC controllers are married, and they will stop at nothing to find their mate.

LED Confirmation

The transmitter includes relay status LEDs indicating the status of the remote relays on the receiver. The transmitter will confirm the switch was actually turned on in the remote location, letting you know it worked. No guessing, just smart engineering.

* Shown with optional enclosure

Channel Options

MirX Controllers are available with 4 different channel options, depending on how many inputs and outputs

you need on the Contact Closure Transmitter and Receiver pair.


Ideal if you only need one switch and one remote relay. A popular choice because of their low cost.


Two switches control two different devices in a remote location. Ideal if you need a little room to expand.


Four inputs on the transmitter and four relay outputs on the receiver. common among industrial clients.


Eight inputs on the transmitter and eight relay outputs on the receiver. The largest we offer in the MirX line.

Relay Options

MirX Controllers are available with 2 different Relay Options, to fit your exact needs.


Mechanical Relays are low-cost, and capable of switching many types of loads. They are the common choice by most customers for daily use applications. Mechanical Relays are of the SPDT variety on most controllers, though the 30-Amp controllers have SPST relays. Induction suppression is recommended when working with all Mechanical Relays.


Solid-State relays are used when high-reliability is needed and are ideal for high-noise applications and for the experienced engineer who understands their “quirks”.  If you are unsure of the type of relay to use, Mechanical will be your best choice, as these do not perfectly emulate mechanical relays and require special care during implementation.

Communication Options

MirX controllers are available with 3 communication options:


How does 1-2 Miles of Range Sound? MirX controllers are available with several wireless communication options from 300 feet to 2 Miles (Line of Sight). Longer range options are available providing that the installation location is line-of-sight. Encrypted security communication options available upon special request at no additional charge.


Whether you need remote contact closure mirroring from around the globe or across town, stay connected using internet communications. Simply plug into your Ethernet Network and use our FREE Mirror server to stay connected! Our server is not used when connected on the same network.


MirX controllers are available with 3-wire communications. Simply connect 3 wires from a roll of telephone or ethernet cable between two controllers and they will mirror up to 8 contact closure inputs and outputs up to 1,000 feet away.