The most powerful relay controller series we manufacture!

Designed as an Industrial solution to challenging automation applications,

Fusion can handle a little bit of everything.

Four Powerful Control Technologies Fused into One!



Time Activated Relay Control allows you to build a time schedule of up to 999 events and control relays at specific times of the day, week, month, and year.



Control relays based on analog or digital inputs, Reactor allows you to set limits and control relays, timers, and counters based on inputs from the real world.



Computer controlled relays using the ProXR standard is why we are in business.  ProXR is the industry standard for relay control, and has evolved since 1995.



Use the I²C port to connect your Fusion controller to our extensive line of I²C sensors and controllers. Mix and match devices in any combination for unlimited automation possibilities!


Fusion controllers were designed to communicate with your choice of two communication tech- nologies per controller.  Choose between Ethernet, WiFi, RS-232, Bluetooth, USB, Industrial Wireless, and much more.


Fusion controllers were built for expansion.  With a integrated I²C Port, you can plug in your favorite temperature and humidity sensor, thermocouple, 4-20ma input and output devices, as well as a wide range of current monitoring devices.  Add more I²C relays or control PWM signals from the I²C expansion port.  No other solution in the world gives you this expandability!


Choose between solid state and mechanical relays, with 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 24, and 32-channel options.  We make a Fusion controller of just about every size and shape you can imagine.

Taralist Time Schedule Controlled Relays

Need relays to activate on a regular schedule? Taralist allows you to build a Time Activated Relay Schedule with up to 999 events with Daylight Savings Time, Holidays, and Leap Year support.  Taralist is capable of managing about any application that requires relay control on a regular time schedule. Link Taralist and Reactor for applications that require sensor controlled relays on a time schedule. Requires the TLEE Expansion.

Taralist Time Schedule Controlled Relays


Taralist Time Schedule Controlled Relays


Reactor Sensor Controlled Relays

Application demand sensor controlled relays? Point and click your way into a simple configuration that triggers relays, timers, and counters based on sensor values.  Reactor manages your relay control needs based on temperature, humidity, motion detection, and much more. Compatible with most sensors, Reactor is a powerhouse relay control solution for managing your most demanding automation tasks without programming.

ProXR Computer Controlled Relays

ProXR Relay control capabilities offer the ultimate computer controlled relay solution. The 4th Generation ProXR Advanced command set is designed to give you computer control of relays, overriding the sensor and time control features configured into the controller.

Taralist Time Schedule Controlled Relays


Created to Communicate

Fusion has 2 communication ports, which may be populated with your choice of communication technologies.  Choose any two technologies in any combination.


Send TCP/IP commands to Fusion controllers using WiFi communi- cations

Ethernet TCP/IP

Send TCP/IP commands to Fusion controllers using Ethernet communications


Connect a USB Interface to a Fusion controller and send simple Serial commands to control all Fusion functions

RS-232 Serial

Connect a serial interface and send simple commands to your Fusion controller from any computer that supports serial communications.

Ethernet Web Page

Our Web-i WebRelay module makes it easy to take control of Fusion relays and read integrated sensor inputs from a web page.


Interface without wires using a Bluetooth module. Pair it with your computer to talk to Fusion over a virtual COM port.

802.15.4 Wireless

Need industrial wireless communications with Fusion?  No problem, Fusion supports both AT and API modes.

900HP-S3B Wireless Mesh

Use a Bluetooth interface and pair it with your computer to talk to Fusion over a virtual COM port.  Bluetooth makes it easy to interface without wires.

E3C DropNet

E3C DropNet is our own multi-drop long distance communi- cation standard, supporting 256 Fusion controllers over 1,000 feet using only 3 wires.

Fusion I²C Expansion

Fusion controllers plug into hundreds of I²C expansion devices.  Fusion has more expansion options than any controller of its class, with the ability to become whatever you need most.

Temperature & Humidity Sensors

We offer a wide range of I²C Temperature and Humidity Sensors that plug into the Fusion I²C expansion port.

Pressure Sensors

From barometers to medical grade pressure sensors, Fusion connects to almost any kind of pressure sensor you can imagine.

Light Sensors

Fusion connects to ambient, infrared, and UV light sensors, or about any light sensor that supports I²C communications.

PWM Controllers

Expand Fusion controllers to take control of PWM controllers, allowing DC light dimming or motor speed control applications.

Digital to Analog Conversion

Fusion is expandable to control I²C DACs with 0-5V or 0-10V output ranges.  Other ranges may be available by special request.

4-20ma Input and Output

Expand Fusion controllers to read or control 4-20ma current loops.  We support 16-Bit input and 12 or 16-Bit output.

Digital Input and Output

If you need more digital inputs or outputs, our I²C expansion devices will connect you to a huge selection of low-cost options.

I2C Relay Control

Expand Fusion controllers to control I²C relay controllers and FET drivers.

7-Segment Displays

Need to display numbers to provide user feedback?  Connect any of our 7-Segment displays to Fusion and write a little bit of code to take control of the display.


We manufacture enclosures for select Fusion series controllers.

Shop Enclosures

Get Started in Base Station

Getting started with Fusion is easy, simply download and install our Base Station software, and take control of all of Fusion’s features from your computer.  Configure time schedules, control relays, configure sensor controlled relays, access the I²C port and our vast library of I²C expansion devices. Complete control all starts here!

Multiple Options

Fusion gives you choices unlike any controller you have ever seen.  From expansion and communications to a rich Feature Set, Fusion provides a universal solution for most automation and control applications.

Mechanical Relays

Fusion is Available with a wide variety of popular mechanical relay options.

Solid-State Relays

Solid State Relays are a popular choice for our industrial customers.

Expansion Devices

We offer a wide range of Fusion expansion controllers built just for Fusion.

TLEE Expansion

Our TLEE Expansion is highly recommended, as it provides the storage space needed for Taralist Time Activated Relays to function.  The TLEE Expansion also unlocks many more Reactor features.

I²C Expansions

We manufacture I²C expansion options unlike any other company.  Plug and Play expansion modules make it easy to add just about any kind of hardware you could ever need to Fusion.

Communication Modules

Fusion is Available with a wide variety of communication technologies, including Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, DropNet, RS-232 Serial, Industrial Wireless, and Web-i WebRelay Ethernet Interface.


We are constantly developing software to help support our hardware expansions.  If we are missing anything you need, please contact us.