Category: Relay Flashers

Relay Flashers: Flashing a Relay

Flashing a Relays is the process of turning a relay on and off in the background while the controller processes other tasks.  Users are free to handle other relay control operations while relays are flashing.  Relay flashers make it easy to handle turn signal, road sign, and warning light applications with minimal integration time.  There are 16 Relay Flashers, allowing 16 relays to flash simultaneously.  Relay Flashers allow you to set the flash speed (S), which is applied to all Flashers (it is not possible to have each relay operating at a different flash rate). Individual Flashers (F) may be turned On

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Relay Flashers with Timers

Relay Timers and Flashers are directly connected, meaning Relay Timer 1 is directly connected to Flasher 1.  Similarly, Timer 2 is connected to Flasher 2.  This makes it possible to flash a relay for a period of time using a pair of commands.  The following commands demonstrate Flash Timer features working together. Start by turning on Flasher 1: Next, Activate Timer 1: When the timer expires, the relay flasher will be canceled.  Note that all 16 timers are connected to all 16 flashers in this same way.

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