Category: Choosing a USB Relay Controller

Expanding USB Relay Controllers

We do not believe in hardware that goes obsolete.  We are strong proponents of building controllers that last for many years, not disposable devices that require frequent replacement.  As technology evolves, we prefer our controllers to include an expansion strategy of some kind.  There are several areas of expansion we are always working on: Interface technologies are always being introduced, and we like to adapt different communication modules to our controllers whenever possible, allowing a communication expansion often.  To this point, we have adapted RS-232, USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Web-i (web page over ethernet), DropNet, and industrial wireless relay control solutions

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USB Relay Firmware and Hardware Options

USB Relay control is a relatively broad term.  We have created many devices that help focus USB relay control into a more specific application.  Here is an overview of the devices we have manufactured to help guide you into the right devices for your specific USB relay switching application: ProXR Lite is a popular choice for entry level users who need the ability to control up to 8 relays.  ProXR Lite is available with many relay control options, offering solid state, high-power switching, and low-power signal switching.  ProXR Lite controllers are available with a USB interface that may be removed

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