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Quick Start Guide for the NCD Enterprise IIoT Gateway

Overview This guide will cover initial connection to your Enterprise IIoT Gateway and provide a basic overview of functionality. It will not cover in-depth usage instructions. Additional information to cover specific topics will be linked to in the Additional Documentation section. Additional Documentation WiFi Settings – Coming soon Ethernet Settings – Coming soon Cellular Settings – Coming soon Security Settings – Coming soon Node-Red & Docker Commands – Coming soon Dockerfile & Docker Compose Customization – Coming soon Updating your NodeJS/Node-Red – Coming soon Factory Reset – Coming soon Getting Started Unpacking the Enterprise IIoT Gateway The NCD Enterprise IIoT

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Monitoring Pumps health using Vibration Sensors

Using Vibration Sensors to Monitor and Maintain Pumps Vibration sensors are commonly used in conjunction with pumps to monitor the mechanical condition of the pump and its components. These sensors can detect abnormal vibrations that may indicate a problem with the pump, such as an imbalance or misalignment, and can help prevent damage and costly repairs. To use vibration sensors with pumps, the first step is to mount the sensors on the pump. The sensors should be placed on the parts of the pump that are most likely to experience abnormal vibrations, such as the shaft or the bearings. It’s

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Machine Downtime, Machine Health, Predictive Maintenance

How to Reduce Production Downtime Using IoT Sensors

How To Reduce Production Downtime Using IoT Sensors In recent years, IoT sensors have become the go-to standard when it comes to increasing production up-time and efficiency in the manufacturing industry. Reducing downtime in any facility is key to such efficiency. Some causes of downtime include lack of planning, poor operation (by human error or machine error), time spent on maintenance, and lack of predictive maintenance. There are a number of sensors available for the manufacturing industry that can provide the necessary data to avoid downtime. NCD manufactures over 100 sensors to help increase efficiency and reduce downtime for many

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Data Center IoT Water Detection

IoT Water Detection for Data Centers

IoT Water Detection for Data Centers & Server Rooms Water leaks in a server room or any type of data center can lead to detrimental outcomes in a very short matter of time. Water in a facility such as this is one of the greatest hazards that could be introduced due to the risk of flood, fire, and loss of infrastructure. NCD’s IoT Water Detect Sensor can help prevent serious damage from happening to your server room or data center by quickly monitoring, identifying and notifying you of the presence of water, as well as dry conditions so you can

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IoT Water Detect Sensor

IoT Water Detect Sensor for Residential Structures

IoT Water Detect Sensor for Residential Structures Water leaks in a residential property can wreak havoc on you, family and roommates. NCD’s Iot Water Detect Sensor can quickly notify you if your home or homes have a water leak of any kind. A water leak can happen from any pipe or water system in your home; hot water heaters, general plumbing pipes, toilet facilities, and faucets. Shop Now As they say, the greatest force on earth is water. Water leaks in a residential property can wreak havoc on you, family and roommates. NCD’s IoT Water Detect Sensor can quickly notify

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Iot Water Detect

Facility & Industrial IoT Water Leak Detection

Facility & Industrial IoT Water Detect Sensor Water leaks, great or small, can and will have a lasting impact on your business or facility if not detected very quickly. NCD’s Industrial IoT Water Detect Sensor can quickly send notifications if your business or facility has a water leak of any kind – be it from a small source, such as a leaky pipe or faucet, or a large source such as a significant pipe break, or any other kind of flooded space. Using preventative maintenance measures such as IoT Water Detect Sensors can protect your facility from catastrophe.  Shop Now

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Iot Remote Temperature Sensor

Server Room Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Server Room Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Server rooms are growing larger by the day. With the amount of data that needs to be gathered and stored, it’s essential that physical server rack temperature stays within a safe range. Server rooms can rise to a very high temperature if not monitored and controlled properly. NCD’s Industrial IoT Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensors can ensure that no matter the number of physical racks it has, you can remotely monitor temperature and humidity within your server area. Check out NCD’s line of IoT Temperature and Humidity Sensors below!  Shop Now Recommended Temperature & Humidity

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IoT Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

Healthcare Facility Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Healthcare Facility IoT Temperature & Humidity Monitoring _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Safety and Comfort Keeping hospitals and healthcare facilities at an optimum temperature is not only for comfort, but also for safety. NCD offers IoT Temperature and Humidity monitoring that provide this peace of mind. Airborne disease and bacteria flourish in environments that aren’t cooled properly, or that may not have proper ventilation systems. Depending on the time of year, and facility, those temperature and humidity needs may change. Generally speaking, a large facility with high census or attendance will need to be at a lower temperature during the warmer months of the

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Ubidots and NCD

NCD x Ubidots

World-Class IoT Hardware and Application Software Come Together National Control Devices has found ourselves very fortunate to have partnered with Ubidots! Ubidots is a high level cloud platform that provides excellent customer service, and can be used with any sensor in NCD’s Enterprise Line of Sensor devices. Check out our full Enterprise Sensor product line.  NCD’s sensors have many features that help with condition monitoring and predictive maintenance that factor into your project’s, asset’s and facility’s well being. NCD’s Predictive Maintenance Sensor is proven to provide accurate data by means of temperature, vibration, acceleration, velocity, and current.  How can this

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Applications for IoT Remote Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Applications for IoT Remote Temperature and Humidity Sensors IoT Remote Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Remote Temperature and Humidity Monitoring is key to knowing the conditions of many facilities, assets, and projects across the spectrum. This type of condition based monitoring can be a fundamental part of several applications, that of which benefit from remote temperature and humidity monitoring. From simple indoor facilities, to refrigeration, ultra low temperature freezers, to ultra high temperature boiler rooms. NCD’s IoT Industrial Remote Temperature and Humidity Sensors can change the game of your facility or assets when it comes to predictive maintenance. Shop Now! Precise

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