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IFTTT Controllers Quick Start Guide

These guides will help you to make the most of your NCD Relay controller with Particle interface module.  There are many ways to use this product so we will have several guides and tutorials to help you along.  It should be noted that the Particle module in these controllers is not manufactured by NCD but by Particle you may visit their website here:  To navigate these guides simply select a guide from the Menu on the left.  Contextual links for each guide will appear below that menu.  Enjoy.

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PrH Particle Quick Start

Particle Photon Quick Start Guide

  Particle Photon Introduction: The Particle Photon module is an engineer favorite here at NCD when we need to put together a control, monitoring, or automation project quickly and easily.  With Particle’s backend cloud we have remote access and monitoring right out of the box.  Writing application code and flashing it to the module is a breeze using Particle’s web based Build IDE and OTA firmware flashing. Programming is via the very popular C/C++ based Arduino Wire language.  Arduino developers will feel right at home developing application code for the Particle Photon module. Power/Communication Connection Overview Most NCD products connect to the

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