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Monitor Industrial 4-20mA Sensors with Onion Omega

Interfacing Onion Omega with Industrial 4-20mA Sensors

Interfacing Onion Omega with Industrial 4-20mA Sensors The Onion Omega 2 is one of my favorite SBCs. It’s small and comes with a ton of power. There are so many neat and interesting projects that can be done with this computer. In this guide, I will show you how to use the Onion Omega with 4-20mA industrial sensors. About 4-20mA Sensors 4-20mA sensors are a powerful communication standard, commonly found in industrial applications.  4-20mA sensors use current variations to send data.  Current variations can travel long distance because current does not decay over distance. Why is 4-20mA the Standard Current Range?

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Onion Omega Quick Start Guide

Onion Omega is one of the most popular SBC in the IoT community, it has 3 variants, known as Omega, Omega2 and Omega2 plus. Omega comes with 580MHz CPU, WiFI, UART,I2C,SPI and much more. This tiny computer run on linux , so it’s like working on a complete computer with full graphics. Connecting Onion Omega with CE devices Most of the CE devices work with onion omega. There are two ways we can interface CE devices with the onion omega. Onion Omega I2C Shield (OOI2C) This Shield lets you plug your onion omega and comes with a USB port which

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