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arduino wireless temperature data logger

IoT Arduino Wireless Temperature Humidity sensor

IoT Arduino Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor Temperature Humidity sensors are one of the most common and widely used sensors with Arduino and other IoT platforms. There are so many use cases where a temperature humidity sensors can be used to detect potential problem like frozen pipes, broken freezers, malfunctioning air conditioning, water/humidity detection in crawl spaces and much more. In this IoT Arduino wireless temperature Humidity sensor project we will interface a long range wireless temperature humidity sensor with Arduino. These readings can be used to set an alarm or to send an alert. There are so many sensors which

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Arduino barometric pressure sensor

Interfacing Barometer and Altimeter HP203B Pressure sensor with Arduino

In this article we are Interfacing a highly precise pressure sensor with Arduino. It is a package of Pressure, Altitude and Temperature sensor in a single chip. The pressure ranges from 300mbar to 1200mbar. The operating temperature varies from -40-degree Celsius to +85 degree Celsius. The data rate for pressure, altitude and temperature are 20 bits. Application – Sports watches – Data Logger – Project prototyping – Weather station – Navigation and map assistance Advantages The reading of pressure sensor is fast and precise. Using HP203B gives a combination of 2 sensors in a single chip with an I2C interface.

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Isolated 4-20mA current loop transmitter

Interfacing Isolated 4-20mA Current Loop Transmitter Arduino

Interfacing Isolated 4-20mA Current Loop Transmitter Arduino In our last post we interfaced 4-20mA current loop receiver with the arduino, in this article we will learn how you can interface isolated 4-20mA current loop transmitter board with arduino. 4-20mA transmitter devices are used to provide 4-20mA signal which can be used to control pumps, valves, switches and transducers. For example lets say you want to want to control a sprinkler which works on 4-20mA current loop signal, in that case you will need a 4-20mA current loop transmitter board. To control such a sprinkler you will change the current output

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High accuracy high temperatre arduinio sensor

K-Type Thermocouple MCP9600 with Arduino

K-Type Thermocouple MCP9600 with Arduino Thermocouples are one of the most interesting electronic components. If you are looking for a high accuracy, wide range, high temperature, low temperature, low cost industrial grade thermocouple device then this article is for you. In this article we will be using K-type thermocouple with a MCP9600. This K-type thermocouple uses the MCP9600 and may be used in high temperature application like temperature measurement of an oven, heating plates, boiler temperature measurement, grill temperature measurement and much more. To Interface K-type thermocouple MCP9600 with Arduino you will need following hardware, all these parts can be

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Interfacing Arduino with the LSM9DS0 Accelerometer Gyroscope and Magnetometer Sensor

How to Interface Arduino to the LSM9DS0 Accelerometer This simple guide shows you how to interface your favorite Arduino to the LSM9DS0 accelerometer sensor.  The LSM9DS0 is a combination of digital 3D accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. This device has inbuilt interrupt signals on dedicated pins and is capable of motion and magnetic field detection. The working voltage of this device is 5V with 16-bit data output resolution. On its full-scale operation, acceleration goes from ±2g/±4g/±6g/±8g/±16g , magnetic field of scale ±2/±4/±8/±12 Gauss and angular rate of ±245/±500/±2000 dps. Applications for the LSM9DS0 – Measuring orientation changes in aircraft and changing

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Arduino Differential Pressure Sensor

Interfacing a Differential Pressure Sensor with Arduino AMS 5915-0100-D

Interfacing Differential Pressure Sensor with Arduino AMS 5915-0100-D AMS5915 is a highly precise differential pressure sensor with a digital I²C-interface. This high accuracy pressure sensor can be used for various applications and various pressure ranges, differential (relative) devices in the pressure range from 0 to 100 mbar. In this project, we are using AMS5915-0100-D an industrial grade differential pressure sensor. We can also calculate temperature from this single sensor which makes it more compatible, instead of connecting dual sensors for pressure and temperature this device serves all. What is a differential pressure sensor The Differential pressure sensors come with 2

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4-20mA current Loop Receiver

Reading 4-20mA Current Loop Sensors using Arduino

Reading 4-20mA Current Loop Sensors using Arduino Reading 4-20mA current loop sensors using Arduino is much easier than you might think.  Follow this simple guide and we will show you a few tips to make it fast and easy. 4-20mA current loop is most common and widely used communication method in an industrial environment. This 4-20mA current loop interface is also known as 2 wire interface technology. Despite being one of the oldest industry standards a lot of users have difficulty understanding the working of this technology. This 4-20mA current loop technology is used in temperature sensors, pressure sensors, current sensors, distance sensors, magnetic field

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Arduino Nano Quick Start Guide

Arduino Nano is one of the most used Arduino devices. It’s small form factor comes with a USB, UART, I2C and SPI interface. In this Quick Start Guide, we will show you how you can use Arduino Nano directly with NCD products. There are two ways to connect Arduino with NCD product line. 1. Using Arduino Nano I2C shield You can find the Arduino shield here. This I2C shield lets you plug in your Arduino, providing a I2C out port.  Using the I2C out port, you can connect hundreds NCD devices in seconds.  This adapter board also has on board

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