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Pulsar AC Light Dimmers Quick Start Guide

Introduction Introducing the Pulsar Series Lighting controllers.  The Pulsar Series controllers are designed to offer an industrial grade light dimming solution with a heavy emphasis of connectivity to computers using a wide array of interface technologies.  Whether you need to control lights locally or from the other side of the planet, we have a solution available that offers flicker-free operation in an industrial design built to last many years. The Pulsar Series controllers have many features that make them extremely easy to use.  They are designed for hardwired installation and are designed to operate every hour of every day. The

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Scratchpad Memory Quick Start Guide

Store and Retrieve Non-Volatile Memory Introduction Scratchpad Memory allows you to store and retrieve up to 8 bytes of data in a non-volatile EEPROM memory within the NCD device.  Scratchpad Memory may be used for anything.  The memory contents have no effect of the controller.  You can use scratchpad memory to store important variables or use this memory to test for the existence of a particular controller. NCD Base Station Software Use NCD Base Station Software to store and retrieve non-volatile EEPROM memory within your device. After connecting your device to the computer, run Base Station software.  Choose the COM or IP

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EEPROM Memory Map Quick Start Guide

EEPROM Memory Commands EEPROM Memory is used to store important parameters within the controller.  Many of the ProXR Standard commands have been removed and replaced with EEPROM Memory Commands.  In the past, the controller had a separate command for each parameter.  This consumed an excessive amount of space within the microprocessor firmware.  To save space, we have consolidated all parameter read and write functions into two simple commands, which saves a lot of space inside the MCU. Below you will find an EEPROM Memory Map.  This Memory Map shows you what each memory location is used for.  The valid parameter

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