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NexGen WiFi Module User Guide

Introduction In this guide we will discuss the functionality and use of the NexGen modules.  The NexGen module implements all the same functionality from our previously supplied WiFi Bluetooth and USB modules but adds additional functionality including a simple web interface for configuration, Bluetooth interface, USB interface, we built in web interface for rudimentary control of select relay products, and MQTT compatibility.  We will now cover the configuration of the module. Configuring the NexGen module To configure a new NexGen module make sure it is installed in a Host board(Relay controller or other product) and it’s LED is flashing Blue.

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Monitor Industrial 4-20mA Sensors with Onion Omega

Interfacing Onion Omega with Industrial 4-20mA Sensors

Interfacing Onion Omega with Industrial 4-20mA Sensors The Onion Omega 2 is one of my favorite SBCs. It’s small and comes with a ton of power. There are so many neat and interesting projects that can be done with this computer. In this guide, I will show you how to use the Onion Omega with 4-20mA industrial sensors. About 4-20mA Sensors 4-20mA sensors are a powerful communication standard, commonly found in industrial applications.  4-20mA sensors use current variations to send data.  Current variations can travel long distance because current does not decay over distance. Why is 4-20mA the Standard Current Range?

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WiFi Push Notification Quick Start Guide

Introduction What is the Push Notification Series? The push notification series was designed for customers requiring contact closure input monitoring via push notification rather than a query based method. This means your application is free to process other tasks while listening for input status change. This opens the door to many new and exciting applications such as email/text message notification, data logging, security monitoring, and much more. These controllers can be configured to send information to a specific server via internet connection when their input status changes, or alternatively they can broadcast their input status change across all devices a

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Set up Wi-Fi Push Notification Board with N-Button

This tutorial will show you how to set up Wi-Fi push notification contact closure input board to work with N-Button Pro. Plug in power and make sure the Wi-Fi push notification board is on the same network as your computer with N-Button installed. You need to configure the Wi-Fi module to connect to your wireless network. Get details about this configuration in Push Push_Notification_Quick_Start_Guide. Download, install and run the latest N-Button Pro software to show N-Button Pro Manager panel. Click Device Manager –> New to add Wi-Fi push notification board. Input Name – Wi-Fi Push Notification Select Manufacturer – National

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IFTTT Controllers Quick Start Guide

These guides will help you to make the most of your NCD Relay controller with Particle interface module.  There are many ways to use this product so we will have several guides and tutorials to help you along.  It should be noted that the Particle module in these controllers is not manufactured by NCD but by Particle you may visit their website here:  To navigate these guides simply select a guide from the Menu on the left.  Contextual links for each guide will appear below that menu.  Enjoy.

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(Deprecated – Legacy Hardware) WiFi Communications Module Quick Start Guide

WiFi Communications Module​SpecificationsRange TestingFeaturesFrom the ManufacturerUsage & Electrical Specfications:Setup and InstructionsStep 1:Step 2:Step 3:Step 4:Step 5:Testing WiFi CommunicationsTroubleshootingInstalling USB DriversUnable to Connect to your NetworkThis module is no longer sold by NCD and this guide is here for existing applications that use it. For the replacement module and links to the documentation for it see the product “WiFi Communications Module with Bluetooth USB MQTT“ WiFi Communications Module​ Our WiFi communications module make it easy to connect your office or home network to the entire range of NCD Industrial controllers.  WiFi 802.11 b/g protocols are supported with this interface module, allowing

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