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E3C DropNet Quick Start Guide

Introduction E3C DropNet Introduction The E3C DropNet protocol makes it easy to daisy chain up to 256 devices together sharing a common 3-wire bus. Implementation of the E3C DropNet Protocol requires the appropriate hardware as well as devices with the appropriate firmware. Firmware Requirements: The E3C DropNet system is compatible with all NCD ProXR Enhanced devices that support E3C. This includes ProXR Enhanced and ProXR Lite Enhanced. E3C DropNet is theoretically compatible with Fusion controllers, but has not been tested. If you are retrofitting an older device to use E3C DropNet, it will be necessary to follow the E3C Quick

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ZRS RS-232 Communications Module Quick Start Guide

RS-232 Interface CommunicationsUsage & Electrical Specifications  RS-232 Interface Communications The ZRS is a popular choice for users who prefer RS-232 serial communications to the entire range of NCD devices.  RS-232 is still a popular choice in industry because of it’s simplicity and ease of use.  The ZRS remains one of our most unique devices, as it fits NCD devices equipped with a communications module socket, allowing any of our devices to use RS-232 serial communications.  The ZRS is available in three popular options, allowing users to fit their preferred installation requirements.  Functionally, all three are identical, providing true RS-232 communication

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