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NCD Gen3 Ethernet Module User Guide

Introduction In this guide we will cover the configuration and use of the NCD Gen 3 Module.  We will discuss the configuration software as well as the web interface.  The module can be configured through the web interface, however if you have a Windows Computer available we recommend configuring settings in the module through the configuration software. Basic Usage For most users the Gen 3 Ethernet module will work right out of the box with no settings configuration required.  Simply install the Ethernet module into your main control board, connect a standard ethernet cable to the Gen 3 module, connect

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Set up Ethernet Push Notification Board with N-Button

This blog will show you how to set up Ethernet push notification contact closure input board to work with N-Button Pro. Plug in power and connect the Ethernet push notification board to the SAME network with you computer. Download, install and run the latest N-Button Pro software to show N-Button Pro Manager panel. Click Device Manager –> New to add Ethernet push notification board . Input Name – Ethernet Push Notification Select Manufacturer – National Control Devices Select Board Type –  Push Notification Select Network IP Address –  it should be shown on the Discovered Network Devices list automatically. Double click the

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(Deprecated Technology) WiNet Gateway Quick Start Guide

Introduction Anyone Can Use It If you have ever used a web browser to surf the internet or check your Facebook, you will be able to use the WiNet.  The WiNet Gateway is a stand-alone web server that allows you to control wireless relays using the web pages inside the WiNet Gateway.  The WiNet allows you to control up to 16 wireless relay boards each capable of controlling 512 relays simply from a tab in your browser or smartphone.  Combined with our service, which gives you global internet-based access to our network device, this gives you internet based access

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(Deprecated Technology) Lantronix XPort Communications Module Quick Start Guide

Introduction This section will give you step by step instructions on how to access your controller using DHCP Addressing. If you would like to use a static IP Address that will be covered further on in the guide. This section assumes that you have a network with a windows based machine on it running NCD Base Station. Connection to NCD Lantronix devices can be made in two ways, TCP Socket connection or a Virtual Com Port. Both are covered individually in the following pages. Communication Setup TCP Socket Setup Remove the Ethernet Relay Controller from its packaging and connect it

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(Deprecated Technology) Web-I WebRelay Communications Module Quick Start Guide

Web-I WebRelay SetupThings you will needThings you will need to know:Getting StartedRemote Internet AccessNoteSetting Static IP AddressAdvanced UsersCustomizing Your Web-i InterfaceFTP Process Example: Simple edit of A/D html pageCGI Gateways: Web-i JavaScript**********TroubleshootingIf you are unable to save configuration files or experience general functional errors:If you experience a loss of communication with a static IP Address:If Web-i Interface pages do not display all content:If the AD page of Web-i Interface is freezing up:If you experience problems discovering the Web-i module on your network:Web-I WebRelay Setup Things you will need A computer running Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 (only required

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