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NexGen WiFi Module User Guide

Introduction In this guide we will discuss the functionality and use of the NexGen modules.  The NexGen module implements all the same functionality from our previously supplied WiFi Bluetooth and USB modules but adds additional functionality including a simple web interface for configuration, Bluetooth interface, USB interface, we built in web interface for rudimentary control of select relay products, and MQTT compatibility.  We will now cover the configuration of the module. Configuring the NexGen module To configure a new NexGen module make sure it is installed in a Host board(Relay controller or other product) and it’s LED is flashing Blue.

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(Deprecated – Legacy Hardware) ZBT Bluetooth Communications Module Quick Start Guide

Bluetooth Communications ModulePairing Code: 1234FeaturesUsage & Electrical SpecificationsFrom the Manufacturer:This module is no longer sold by NCD and this guide is here for existing applications that use it. For the replacement module and links to the documentation for it see the product “WiFi Communications Module with Bluetooth USB MQTT“ Bluetooth Communications Module The ZBT is the communication module of choice for users who need a modern wireless communication technology that works seamlessly with the NCD Industrial product line.  The ZBT adds virtual com port communications using Bluetooth wireless communications.  The ZBT fits the communications socket of most NCD Industrial devices, allowing

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