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Digi 802.15.4 Quick Start Guide

Getting Started with 802.15.4802.15.4 SetupBase StationDevice Identification and DocumentationComm OperatorCommand Sets804.15.4 TroubleshootingGetting Started with 802.15.4 This 802.15.4 Quick Start Guide is designed to demonstrate our implementation of 802.15.4 Wireless Communications technologies.  This guide is not applicable to other implementations of 802.15.4 outside the NCD product line. Things you will need: Zigmo Modem with 802.15.4 module installed A device with a 802.15.4 module installed Power Supply (Computer Grade 12v DC Regulated Power Supply is strongly recommended USB Cable 802.15.4 Setup Connect power supply to your device with a ZigBee module installed. Connect USB cable to the 802.15.4 modem and to your

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