How to Choose the Right Vibration Sensor

What are Vibration Sensors and what do they do?

Introducing Condition Monitoring Sensors into your projects has never been easier. Vibration Sensors by NCD can provide a plethora of data no matter your industry or project. In conjunction with monitoring Vibration, our Industrial IoT Wireless Vibration Sensor V3 also detects Temperature, Acceleration and Velocity. Our simple installation process makes getting the data you need effortless, so that you may quickly make data-driven decisions. 

Our Vibrations Sensors are easily integrated with our endNode I/O Controllers and Edge Gateway Computers to bring you the best experience possible for collecting data to maintain quality, predict unforeseen issues, and prevent problems before they occur. When monitoring your preferred conditions, you will receive transmission information at your defined intervals to receive reliable information for your industrial maintenance needs. 

In What Capacity are NCD Vibration Sensors Beneficial?

Manufacturing Facilities

Equipment such as pressure pumps, motors, compressors, water pumps, etc., have a critical need for checking for abnormal vibration and temperature. NCD Industrial IoT Wireless Vibration Sensor V3 allows this condition monitoring at safe, long range distances to identify issues before they occur.

Power & Energy

The energy, power, and electric industry all strive to find ways to conserve resources. Our Wireless Vibration Sensors can, for example, be used for windmill turbine condition monitoring for faults connected to AC motors. You can monitor Vibration, check the health of bearings, and also check for looseness and imbalance. 


Large buildings such as those used for healthcare and education, have a need to monitor compressors, HVAC units, and large fans. This type of equipment will benefit from condition monitoring to keep compressors and HVAC units running smoothly by sensing vibration, as well as temperature monitoring to keep fans cool. This ensures patients and students alike stay comfortable.

Oil & Gas

Using our Industrial IoT Wireless Vibration Sensors, you can monitor oil wells turning to obtain information such as if a bearing is bad, or a mounting is loose. With the use of NCD’s IoT Edge Computer Gateway, you may collect data to the cellular interface and onto your cloud. This is especially helpful where other connectivity is unavailable. 

Structural Maintenance

Our Wireless Vibration Sensors can also be used for seismic and sway sensing on high rise buildings and bridges. Also for use on bridges, our wireless vibration sensors can detect what level of vibration is safe, based on traffic volumes. 

How do NCD Sensors Work with the endNode Controllers and Report to the Cloud?

NCD offers Vibration Sensors with unmatched quality. Our Industrial IoT Wireless Vibration Sensor V3 offers 3-Axis of data collection vs the traditional 1-axis such as Piezo Sensors. A 3-Axis data collector means a more accurate reading of movement within the vibration sensor, which offers a significant difference in data collection. 

NCD uses 900mhz wireless communication which provides a better range and stability than Bluetooth, Z-Wave, Wifi, and other similar communication protocols.

Our endNode I/O Controllers allow you to easily choose automation for your vibration sensors. This automation includes warning lights (or status lights) which can all be controlled through our endNode Controllers.

Once you have decided in which manner you’d like to automate your data collection, our Vibration Sensors will begin to collect data, and send it to an Edge Gateway Computer for further range. Then, your data will be collected on your preferred Cloud Service.

Which means no monthly fee from NCD. Ever!