Author: TravisE NCD Technical Engineer

Mirror Pro Guide

Device TypesStatus LEDFlashing Green(GOOD)Flashing Red(BAD)Global SettingsDestination AddressBuzzerModelGlobal Device AttributesDevice TypeS3B AddressPoint to Point Contact Closure One WayOverviewContact closure input transmitter board settingsMode(Transmitter)Transmit IntervalInput CountContact closure output receiver board settingsMode(Receiver)TimeoutOutput CountTransmitter ModeReturn StatusPoint to Point Contact Closure Two WayOverview_Transceiver SettingsModeTimeout_Transmit ModeTransmit Interval_Output Count_Input Count_Mate ModeReturn Status_Device Types Mirror Pro is a large product series which consists of several “sub-series”.  This guide aims to cover use of all products in the Mirror Pro series, however not all information in this guide is applicable to all devices in Mirror Pro.  For information specific to your device navigate to the appropriate section in this

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4-20mA 4 channel Mirror Serial Configuration Commands

To configure settings in 4-20mA mirror products connect either the transmitter or receiver board to your computer via USB micro connector.  Transmitter and Receiver can each be configured.  These commands may be written to the controller using any terminal application capable of writing ASCII string data to a Serial port.  The board will mount to the computer as a virtual COM/Serial port.  Carriage returns and new line characters are not necessary. Possible settings to configure on transmitter are remote device address and transmit interval. Remote device address should be set to the address printed on the bottom of the XBee

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