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DigiKey Blocked 404 Google Chrome

Error 404 Digikey Blocked Google Chrome Adding Shopping Cart

Error 404 Digikey Blocked Google Chrome Adding to Shopping Cart If you engineer products like we do here at, you may be frustrated with adding a product to your shopping cart in Google Chrome, only to be confronted with a 404 Error.  Luckily, there’s an easy fix that will stop the Digikey Blocked 404 Error.  Follow these steps and if you find this helpful, please take a moment to get to know us and look at the products we manufacture for IoT applications.  Please note these steps will likely log you out of and delete everything in your

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Alpha Station Download

Download Windows 10 Software for NCD Enterprise Devices Learn Alpha Station Learn to Use Alpha Station, it Only Takes a Few Minutes! Download Alpha Station V1.0.2.14 Release Date: 3-8-2022 Added Air Velocity Sensor Type 60 Download Alpha Station V1.0.2.12 Release Date: 9-23-2021 Maintenance Update for NCD Staff Download Alpha Station V1.0.2.11 Note: This Version is Now Obsolete Release Date: 6-21-2021 Added Sensor Type 69, Soil Moisture, EC, Temperature, Salinity Download Alpha Station V1.0.2.10 Note: This Version is Now Obsolete Release Date: 4-15-2021 Updated Sensor Types 65 & 66 Download Alpha Station V1.0.2.9 Note: This Version is Now Obsolete Release Date:

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Alpha Station – Sensor and Control Software for Windows using Visual Studio

Introduction to Alpha StationWhere to Download Alpha StationSystem RequirementsSource Code for Alpha StationWireless SensorsSensor Summary ListViewing Sensor DataWireless Sensor ConfigurationWireless Sensor Configuration SettingsRecovering Lost SensorsProXR Enterprise Introduction to Alpha Station Alpha Station is Windows Application used to communicate and configure the vast majority of NCD devices offered within the “Enterprise Solutions” category of our web site at  Alpha Station is the successor to Base Station, which is used to test and configure older NCD devices.  Base Station is now finalized, and no further changes or enhancements will be made.  All future work will be focused on Alpha Station.  Base

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Serial to I2C Conversion

Serial to I2C ConversionV3 Feature OverviewV4 Feature OverviewV5 Feature OverviewV6 Feature OverviewNCD APITransmitting DataReceiving DataCommunicating to I2C DevicesI2C Write: Transmitting I2C DataI2C Read: Receiving I2C DataStep 1: Configure PCA9536 for InputsStep 2: Move PCA9536 Address PointerStep 3: Read PCA9536 InputsI2C Write Read CommandI2C Bus Scan CommandI2C Stop CommandI2C Converter Reboot CommandI2C Error CodesI2C Communication ExamplesMCP23008 8-Bit GPIOMCP23008 InitializationMCP23008 Programmable Pull-UpsReading 8 Inputs1 Relay + 7 GPIO2 Relays + 6 GPIO4 Relays + 4 GPIO8 RelaysMCP23017 16-Bit GPIOMCP23017 InitializationMCP23017 Programmable Pull-UpsReading InputsControlling RelaysPCA9685 Pulse Width ModulationPCA9685 InitializationControlling PWM ChannelsAS1115 LED Display DriverAS1115 InitializationSetting the BrightnessWriting to the DisplayControlling the Decimal PointI2C

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Receiving Wireless Sensor Data over Ethernet

Getting StartedHardware RequirementsSoftware RequirementsSetupNetwork CommunicationDiscovering the IP AddressComm Operator & UDP BroadcastsBase Station & UDP BroadcastsWatching Sensor Data Getting Started In this tutorial, we will show you how to receive wireless sensor data from NCD IoT sensors over a standard Ethernet connection.  The photo shown above is a pre-production prototype of a simple Ethernet to wireless gateway, which will be used to receive all data over the Ethernet connection.  The enclosed version of this device is on the way, but we will go ahead with our article for those who need to know more about the process. For this tutorial,

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Long Range Wireless Thermocouple from

Long Range Wireless Thermocouple High Temperature Sensor

Long Range Wireless Thermocouple High Temperature Sensor This long range wireless thermocouple temperature sensor was designed as a low-cost industrial solution with high accuracy and reliability.  This wireless sensor may be powered one of two ways, depending on your application requirements.  For those who require battery operated thermocouple temperature sensing, this sensor may be jumper configured for operation from 2 AA batteries, providing a long life of 300K to 400K transmissions or 5 to 8 years.   Optionally, this sensor may be powered from an external power supply by changing the power jumper, allowing for use with a 5 to 12VDC

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National Control Devices

NCDLib – Random Code for Controlling NCD Devices

Sometimes I like to write code to simplify my life, particularly when I need to call the same routines over and over.  Over the years, I have pieced a few code elements together to help make the NCD Component Library easier for me to use.  Some of this code is old, some is new, some is tested heavily, and some of it is random ideas I have had over the years.  A recent post on the forum prompted me to release the code, as I have been meaning to do this for a long time anyway.  This code represents a

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Maximizing Performance of NCD ProXR Relay Controllers

ProXR controllers have been the standard for relay control applications for many years.  Over the years, we have improved firmware to add functionality.  Several years ago, we migrated from a PIC16F690 processor to a PIC18F46K22 processor, which has more memory and runs 4 times faster.  After this migration, we found it necessary to slow down the CPU to safer levels, as older software was not able to handle the ultra-low latency of the new CPU.  NCD ProXR relay controllers have the ability to perform much faster by tuning a few settings.  This guide will help you get the most performance

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Unable to Mount Virtual COM Port in Windows 10

Unable to Mount Virtual COM Port in Windows 10 If you are using Windows 10 (or any other operating system) and having problems getting a Virtual COM Port to be assigned to your system, follow these steps.  We recently discovered after a Windows 10 Update, that Virtual COM Port drivers may not load any-longer by default for some devices. If you are unable to use Base Station or AnyI2C software because the COM port is not showing up, here’s an easy fix: Prerequisite: VCP Driver Installation Recent operating system updates, hardware (VCP Chip) revisions, and VCP drivers may prevent a

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RS-485 Network Quick Start Guide

IntroductionGetting to Know NCD RS-485 Node ModulesRS-485 Node Module Hardware DescriptionRS-485 Node Jumpers1, 2, 3 Jumpers: RS-485 Bus TerminationBR JumperC  Jumper: Configuration ModeChanging Baud RatesTo change the USART Baud Rate, Send the Following Bytes via RS-485:To change the RS-485 Baud Rate, Send the Following Bytes via RS-485:Factory ResetUsing RS-485 with NCD DevicesTesting the RS-485 NetworkIntroduction The NCD RS-485 Communications module make it easy to implement select NCD devices onto a RS-485 bus.  RS-485 is a hardware networking protocol, implementation (selection of devices on the network) requires a software networking protocol.  Many NCD Industrial devices include the E3C command set, which

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