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WiFi Sensor Setup Guide for use with Microsoft® Azure®

WiFi Sensor Setup Guide for use with Microsoft ® Azure® Introduction NCD’s WiFi Sensor for Microsoft® Azure® allows the complete line of NCD WiFi Sensors to transmit data wirelessly over the internet via Azure. This provides remote access to sensor data from various devices using a WiFi connection.   Only requiring network connection credentials and an Azure Connection String, this line of various WiFi Sensors is very convenient. All sensors are fully encrypted using 128-bit AES encryption. WiFi communications are also fully encrypted for security.  This guide is applicable to all of the NCD WiFi Sensors for use with Azure®. Some information

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LTE Cellular Ethernet WiFi IoT Edge Computer

LTE Cellular Ethernet WiFi NCD IoT Edge Computer Introducing NCD’s first IoT edge computer with integrated LTE Cellular, Ethernet, WiFi, and DigiMesh long-range wireless communications.  Designed specifically for Node-RED users seeking a Cellular LTE communications solution to connect NCD sensors to multiple cloud platforms.  Integrated WiFi and Ethernet communications makes it possible to communicate sensor data over local area networks.  Powered by OpenWRT, this linux based computer comes pre-loaded with Node-RED and a NCD sensor parsing flow ready to communicate to a wide array of communication technologies and cloud platforms.  The integrated MicroSD card slot makes data logging possible with

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Gateway vs Modem

Gateways vs. Modems – Where to Begin?

NCD Modems VS. Gateways A sensor collects the data but leaves the decision of where to transmit the data up to the user. Therefore, thanks to the constant innovation of IoT, the user has numerous ways to collect, store, and analyze the data they receive from their sensor. This guide will discuss the difference between a modem and a gateway, as well as suggest several options for both categories that we offer here at NCD.

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WiFi Sensor User Guide for use with MQTT

WiFi Sensor User Guide for use with MQTT Introduction MQTT allows the complete line of NCD WiFi sensors to communicate via the internet to any MQTT Broker service using a WiFi connection.  It only requires network connection credentials, connection information about the MQTT Host Broker, and authentication information for the MQTT connection if applicable. The WiFi Sensor for MQTT supports connection to MQTT Brokers via open connection, basic authentication, as well as TLS.  Topics and message payload formats are fully customizable for compatibility with each MQTT Broker service.  WiFi communication is also fully encrypted for the security of each device.

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