Day: November 4, 2020

How to Activate Verizon IoT Sim Card

How to Activate Verizon IoT SIM card NCD’s IoT Edge Computer supports various SIM cards from multiple companies. So far, we have tested the IoT Edge Computer with Verizon and Hologram SIM cards. Use this guide to set up your Verizon SIM card. 1. Go To ThingSpace ThingSpace is the Verizon IoT center. This is where you can purchase SIM cards, activate them, and find any other information related to Verizon SIM cards. Go to ThingSpace. You will need to create an account there. 2. Activate SIM Card Follow steps 2.1 – 2.6 to activate a SIM Card for Verizon. 1. In order to activate a

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WiFi AC Current Monitor User Guide for use with +More App

Install the +More AppWhere to get the AppInitial Setup of a New DeviceStartConnecting to the SensorConfigure WiFiWait for Device ConfigurationOwner EmailLocation TaggingNotification EmailSettings ReviewSetup CompleteNext StepsExploring the User InterfaceLive Current/kWH Monitoring UIEnergy Monitoring UISettings UIAutomationCreate a New AutomationNew AutomationChoose ConditionTriggering DeviceChoose Device Variable to MonitorVariable State ConditionAdd ActionSelect Automation Action to PerformNotification Subject and MessageSave or Add More ActionsTest the AutomationInstall the +More App Where to get the App Install the +more app. iOS Users Click Here Android Users Click Here Initial Setup of a New Device Start After opening the App for the first time you will see this

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