Day: May 3, 2019

4-Channel 4-20mA Current Loop Input USB Wireless endNode Getting Started

Wireless 4-20mA Current Loop Input with USB Highlights4-20mA Current Loop Input 4-Channel endNode IntroductionWireless 4-20mA InputUSB 4-20mA InputReading 4-20mA Input ChannelsUSB CommunicationsStep 1: Download and Install Alpha StationStep 2: Plug in the USB PortStep 3: Read 4-20mA Input ChannelsWireless CommunicationsLong Range Wireless USB ModemLong Range Wireless Ethernet ModemStep 1: Wireless Serial NumberStep 2: Connect a Wireless ModemStep 3: Run Alpha StationStep 4: Read Wireless 4-20mA InputsASM1-2 Command SetReading Wireless 4-20mA Input ChannelsThe API Calculator is Required4-20mA Input CommandsReading 4-20mA Input Channels 1 through 4 Wireless 4-20mA Current Loop Long Range Receiver Transmitter Wireless 4-20mA Current Loop Input with USB Highlights

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