Day: October 5, 2017

Interfacing Arduino with the LSM9DS0 Accelerometer Gyroscope and Magnetometer Sensor

How to Interface Arduino to the LSM9DS0 Accelerometer This simple guide shows you how to interface your favorite Arduino to the LSM9DS0 accelerometer sensor.  The LSM9DS0 is a combination of digital 3D accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. This device has inbuilt interrupt signals on dedicated pins and is capable of motion and magnetic field detection. The working voltage of this device is 5V with 16-bit data output resolution. On its full-scale operation, acceleration goes from ±2g/±4g/±6g/±8g/±16g , magnetic field of scale ±2/±4/±8/±12 Gauss and angular rate of ±245/±500/±2000 dps. Applications for the LSM9DS0 – Measuring orientation changes in aircraft and changing

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